What it means to be a VIP in a casino

The ways online casinos pave the way for VIP players are so many and varied. Sometimes the advantages are also tailor-made based on the type of user and the type of bet in which he is interested fullslot168

For this reason, online betting sites treat VIP users with kid gloves, facilitating many operations for them or reserving first-class treatments for them: thanks to these precautions, VIP bettors can continue to cultivate their passion with serenity เว็บออนไลน์

Advantages of being a VIP in the casino

The advantages dedicated to VIP customers are numerous and varied: each casino decides which privileges to reserve for the VIP class and sometimes, as happens for Unibet, the concessions are different according to the type of player. Benefits offered within VIP programs often include แทงบอล888

The collection of points following each game session which, once a certain threshold is reached, can be converted into special bonuses or cash prizes. Depending on the platform, these are often referred to as Comp Points or Cash Points.


Dedicated Customer Assistance via a toll-free number, a live chat or an email contact reserved for VIP customers.

The possibility, for players and real casino champions, to enjoy the assistance of a personal Account Manager.

An invitation to special sporting events, concerts or evenings dedicated to the platform’s VIP club for a true Star experience.

Personalized bonuses based on the device with which bets are placed or the most popular type of game.

Birthday bonuses or promotions dedicated to particular holidays to make a moment or a particular period of the year even more enjoyable. In the case of some casinos, real gifts are also offered to customers.

Special treatments relating to the Client Account, which may result in facilitated transactions or increased speed in deposit and withdrawal operations.

In addition to making the gaming experience pleasant with Welcome Bonuses and promotions  dedicated to bets and games, Unibet rewards its most loyal customers in different ways and based on the tastes and habits of the players.